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Testimonials for Lee Kassai and Creative Airs




...I started to color my gray hair at 25, and now at 45 I am a slave to the up keep every 4 weeks. As the years went by, I became allergic to the dyes and alcohol in the dyes, and itchy rash around my hairline and neckline... hair thinning. I tried everything... acupuncture, hair loss specialists, vitamins, but to no avail.


 Then I found Lee at Creative Airs. She told me she had treated people with the same problems as I was having and told me to give it 6-12 months and my hair would be restored back to its healthy self.


 Now one year later I am a new person. Not only is my hair back to its thick lustrous and shiny condition, my self-esteem is back, and no more rashes!...Lee, I'm so grateful to you... you saved my life and my hair.



 Palm Springs, CA



 ...Words cannot express my gratitude to Lee as a person and for what she has done for my hair. When I first came to Creative Airs, my hair was over processed, thin and dry. Using her special deep conditioning treatments, organic hair color, and her expertise in cutting hair, my hair changed to being thicker, healthy and shiny.


 I'm so grateful to know Lee. She is one of those rare people who truly cares about everyone she comes in contact with and has the most beautiful heart. I can’t thank her enough!


 Nique B

 Sherman Oaks, CA



 When I turned 35 years of age, I began having my hair dyed in a salon every 4 to 6 weeks with chemical preparations to cover my gray hair. I dreaded those trips to the salon. The chemicals used to dye my hair made my eyes burn and tear and my scalp hurt. The smell of the chemicals made me nauseous while I was in the salon and for several days after my visit. My reactions became so intense and uncomfortable over the 7-year period that I was using the chemical preparations and I became so concerned about possible long-term physical damage to my health that I decided to stop. For several months, I let my gray roots grow out and no longer had to put up with those dreaded trips to the salon, but I was terribly unhappy with my appearance. Luckily, a friend told me about Lee and her natural hair products.


 I visited the Creative Airs salon. Lee used her natural Hair products to clean, condition and dye my hair. She also did a terrific job styling it too. I had no adverse physical reactions to the products and my hair looked and felt better than it had in years. I’ve been visiting the salon on a regular basis for several years now and all I can say is thanks goodness I found Lee and her wonderful natural products!


 Lisa S


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